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Friday, May 29, 2009

One step closer


That's right...today is 11 weeks down, and I'm one step closer to the land of the living. This week has had its ups and downs with my first A.M. barfs (up to 25 for those keeping track...oh wait, that's just me), but there was also a day or two that I started to see a light at the end of the toilet bowl. I'm not drinking nearly enough water because all that fluid doesn't really settle well, but I've had my fair share of Del Taco bean and cheese burritos with red sauce (yum-o) and I can't even start on the boxes of cereal and gallons of milk I've consumed, not to mention the pizzas, oyster crackers, granola bars, and fruit. It's certainly enough to feed a small army, but I guess that's what a baby with a 170 heart rate needs for now (or at least what its mom needs). I'm really just waiting for the day that I don't feel hungry thirty minutes after eating a pizza. Currently, hunger=nausea so it's just food, food, food all the time. It's funny, at one point I would have LOVED to have had a free ticket to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it, and now that I kind of have it I just don't want to be hungry anymore.

Next week is going to be super fun. We're going to tell the youth group on Tuesday night and I'll tell the elder board on Thursday night. After that it's basically common knowledge. Right now we're working on the video that we're going to use to tell the youth group and all the leaders...it's going to be awesome. There's still so much to do before Little One's arrival, but we're not stressing and are just taking one day at a time. I'm just waiting for that burst of energy the doctor told me I'd get around week 14. With all that we have to do around here my house doesn't stand a chance.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 weeks down


Well, tomorrow is 10 weeks pregnant and the barf count is up to 17. I'm not really sure why I'm compelled to keep track (or to share it), but someday I'll want our little one to know that he/she was worth all of it. We had another doctor's appointment on Monday and I was just expecting to meet with the doctor but because we had to wait a little longer she gave us a free ultrasound. It was so awesome because I was still expecting a little round, unidentifiable thing, but me-oh-my was I amazed when I actually saw a head, two legs, and two arms, and heard a heart beat of 170 beats per minute (that's pretty fast).

Here's what we saw on April 24 at our first appointment. The baby was 4 millimeters long and had a heart rate of 120 beats per minute.

On Monday, May 18, this is what we saw. It's like the little one is just chillin' (I guess there's not much else for him/her to do. But, you can clearly see the head and two little legs (we saw the arms in another picture). So, baby is about 1 1/2 inches long with that fast 170 bpm heart rate AND we even got to see it move during the ultrasound. Super cool.

So, we'll keep everybody posted and once I start showing I'll do my best to post those obnoxious belly shots so you can all guess which part is baby and which part is all the food I've been eating to help the nausea.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How time flies!


Well, I can tell already that this baby will be here in no time because I can't believe that I'm already more than 8 weeks pregnant. Some days it feels like it's been longer, and other days it seems like it might never end (being sick all the time), but I know that December will be here before we know it and a new little Sumner will enter the world.

We had our first doctor's appointment on April 24 and as of that date the little one was four millimeters long, had a heartbeat of 121 beats per minute (they say it will get faster once it gets a little older), and the estimated due date is December 18, 2009. So, not only will we get the tax credit for this year, but I've already met my deductible so the pre-natal care and birth will practically be free. This baby is already following in my frugal footsteps...way to go kid.

We also got our first pictures which I'll post shortly even though it just looks like a little blob. How amazing that a whole person comes out of that?!?!?

I've been feeling nauseous all the time and so far the barf count is up to 12 or so, but I have a new best friend whose name is Zofran. It's actually medicine that keeps me from throwing up all the time (because it would be ALL the time) and helps a little bit with the nausea, although I still definitely feel icky all day and have to eat something small consistently because food basically evaporates as soon as it goes in my mouth. Seriously, I never thought I'd be feeling so sick and eating so much all at the same time. The worst is waking up at 2:30 in the morning because you need to eat some crackers so you can fall back asleep. I'm getting a sense for what a baby feels like when it wakes up for a nightly feeding. Your body doesn't give you any choice...you have to eat to go back to sleep.

Dan is already Super Dad because he's essentially been a bachelor for the past couple weeks. He's been making all his own dinners, helping me all the time even if it's less convenient for him, doing laundry and dishes, he even organized MY side of the closet (an astounding feat if you've ever seen my closet). He is banking some serious points for when I'm feeling better even though he says that he wishes he could even do more. Dan, if you're reading this, I couldn't be pregnant without you (and not just in the obvious way). I feel so loved and cared for by you and I can't even tell you how much I appreciate all the little things you do for me to show me, especially when I'm puking in the bathroom (or in the car, or on the couch, or at my desk, or in bed at 1:22am...yes it's that bad). You're a one of a kind Super Husband and you'll be a Super Dad, which overall makes you Super Man!

My next appointment is May 18, so I'll meet with the doctor and make sure things are on track. I'll be about 9 1/2 weeks at that point, so still relatively early. We'll probably wait a little longer to tell EVERYBODY, but so far the people we have told have been so happy for us. It reminds me how blessed we are to have people who love us and support us because I know that not everybody is so lucky.

At this point I'm just looking forward to waking up one day and not feeling sick, but I know it's all for a noble cause. Don't worry Baby, I know you're worth it!!