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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloweener


Emma was a very happy Halloweener yesterday.  We started our festivities the day before Halloween because we're awesome and waited until the last minute to do any kind of celebrating and then showed up at the pumpkin patch with a dead battery in our camera so only got two pictures.  Fortunately our camera phones came to the rescue so we didn't walk away totally empty handed.

Here's our little flying dino-lizard (in rain boots and froggy pajamas cuz it was after bed time when we arrived at said pumpkin patch due to daddy's work schedule).

And, here's Emma's trick-or-treating crew.

We started the night at a friend's house for pics and headed out to take the neighborhood by storm.  At the first house, the guy answered the door with a scary mask on and screamed when he opened the door so Emma started crying...great start to the night.  But, after the next few houses she had the whole "trick or treat" thing down and was pulling me to the doors instead of me carrying her.  She ended up with a ton of loot that Dan and I get to eat.  There's nothing like some cute kids to amp up the take home.

It was a great night with our dear friends and their darling little guys.