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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!!


(Ignore the fact that this is posted a few weeks late...it was started on or before Emma's actual birthday)

Dear Emma,
You are a whole year old as of today and I'm still wondering where the year went. You're walking, talking (more like chattering, but it's sooo cute to hear you babble), laughing, and you definitely have opinions about things. You're eating some big girl food and really love your cheese, but fortunately you still like your pureed veggies too. You really love applesauce and bananas, and we have to remind you to put things in your mouth one at a time because you usually grab handfuls of cheerios and goldfish and see how many you can fit in your mouth at one time.

Life's been a bit crazy for us lately, but that's something that you'll get used to around here. I will say, it's weird that in one year someone can go from this:

To this:

We had a fun Halloween where you dressed up like a lion and convinced your dad and I to dress up too. He was a safari tour guide and I was a tourist on safari when we spotted you, our little lion. You sure have a roar that fit the costume.

Your first birthday party on 11/21 was super fun with all your little buddies celebrating with you. At first, you were a little confused by the frosting on top of your cupcake.

But you figured it out soon enough.

We had fun celebrating with you even though you were a little overwhelmed by all the attention. You did great and were lucky enough to have all your grandparents there and even some of your great-grandparents.

On your actual birthday, daddy took you out to breakfast carrying on an annual tradition that your grandpa started with me on my first birthday. Here's you with dad on your first annual birthday breakfast. This year's birthday breakfast was at Starbucks, and I can't get over the cutest smile ever!! I think you were enjoying your small piece of daddy's vanilla scone.

That night Grandpa Mike came over and took you shopping. You got some very cute clothes and a fun puzzle that makes noises when you put the pieces in.

Happy birthday sweet baby. We love you and can't wait to see what this year holds!

Love you,