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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Perfect Day


I know it's saying a lot, but Dan and I had a perfect day on Monday. Because I was sick last month on our anniversary, we postponed our celebration to this month and it was absolutely awesome. Dan booked a day at Glen Ivy Day Spa, so we got there first thing in the morning and started the day with a couple's massage (mom-to-be massage for me, swedish massage for him), then proceeded to relax in the "lounge pool" for a bit where we floated around on blue pool floats and I actually got to lay on my stomach which I haven't done in a while (the floating device adjusted to my belly). From there, we headed to the red clay pool and covered ourselves in detoxifying mud (trying to avoid getting it all over our swimsuits) and baked for about 10 minutes in the sun. It was funny seeing everybody's reaction when he wrote "BABY" on my belly. After that, we rinsed off and headed to "The Grotto" for a moisturizing treatment where they basically painted us with this aloe moisture stuff and then we hung out in a warm misting room with everybody else while the moisturizer did its thing. Then, we rinsed off and stayed for a bit in the cool mist room where they have hot tea, water, and apples...fabulous. My skin felt amazingly hydrated after that.

At that point it was pretty much time to head out, and what better way to end a day at the spa than with lunch at In 'n Out. Of course, this was the third time in four days that I had eaten at In 'n Out, but when something sounds good it just sounds good and nothing else will do. After lunch we went home, took a long nap, and cleaned out our garage (we still wanted to be productive). We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at Elephant Bar and then Dan continued working on the garage while I fell asleep on the couch watching HGTV. It really doesn't get much better than that if you ask me.

So, if anyone ever wanted to know what my perfect day looks like, this is it...a long relaxing day spent with my husband and no where specific to be except with each other.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Final tally


The final vote in our boy/girl/wait poll was "Boy: 10, Girl: 13, Wait: 5." And the winner is...

GIRL!!! That's right, Dan and I are having a baby girl and we are so excited (of course we would be just as excited if we were having a boy). It's so nice to know so that we can plan and share the news with family and friends. There are so many unknowns with your first baby that, at least for us, the more we can find out the better. Our hats go off to the people who can actually wait until birth day to find out...we didn't have the patience this time around but we'll see if we can stick it out when it's time for number two. We both teared up when the ultrasound tech told us, and last night Dan started recording some of his songs so that I can play them for our baby when I'm at work. I'm feeling her move from time to time and am just waiting for the day when Dan can feel her too.

The past month has been pretty standard for us, but I did hit a milestone. I've made it just over a week without puking so I'm hoping I can keep it up. The nausea isn't completely gone, but as of now the final count is 45 barfs and I'm hoping that's where it stays. We've made a lot of progress on our house and have finished projects that we started four years ago. Our master bedroom and nursery are painted, as well as the ceiling over our staircase that has been unpainted since we got the ceilings scraped right after we bought the place. Progress, not perfection. There are still a variety of things that we want to finish before our daughter arrives, but we're moving forward and that's all I can ask.

Last month we also celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary (June 23), but our celebration consisted of me sitting on the couch all night being sick. Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband who got us a day at the spa to be used when I'm feeling better so we're heading out to Glen Ivy this coming Monday. He got me a pregnancy massage, and boy do I need it, along with entrance to the Grotto for us both to enjoy. I can't wait.

Now the real work starts with figuring out what we'll need for the little one, not to mention trying to find a name (which we won't be telling anyone until she's born, just so you all know). It feels like there's so much to do, but the further along I get the more satisfied I am with the little things. I still have two pairs of jeans that I can button, I'm sleeping through the night thanks to my body pillow, and I'm eating just about whatever I want. My favorites so far are smoothies from Jamba Juice, Rubio's nachos, In 'n Out, yogurt, fruit, and I'm still going strong with the cereal. I'm sure all of those will change as time goes on, but for now I guess it's the closest to cravings that I've really had.

Well, this little girl has me plum-tuckered out, but hopefully I'll do a better job of keeping everybody updated now that I'm starting to feel better.

The adventure continues...