Emma's on her way to 3!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is this thing on?


Where does time go?  I think it evaporates into something called "the past." Nevertheless, a lot has happened since Halloween.  We had not one, but TWO birthday parties for our big TWO year old.  She was full of great big "cheese" grins at her first party with our family.  

Here's Emma with (from left to right) Dan's parents, Larry and Carolyn, my Grandma June (Emma's great-grandma), and my parents, Cindy and Mike.  In the chair with Emma is her Great-Grandpa Harold (my grandpa).  The one great-grandma who couldn't come still only lives five minutes away and Emma sees her every Tuesday.  I'd say she's surrounded by more love than she'll ever know what to do with.

We toasted the evening with a tea party using her brand new tea set and Emma rang in her new year in style.

Her second party was with all of her little friends, and it was a superhero party.  Literally, the night before the party I had about five BOOM, POW, ZAP signs printed out, and was at another friend's Christmas party when someone heard me talking about Emma's party the next day.  She said that she just threw a superhero party for her husband and had all sorts of decorations that I could pick up the next day (the day of her party).  So, I met this girl at 7pm on Friday, and at 8am Saturday I was at her house picking up all the superhero decorations I could ever want including the super rad cityscape below that people could "fly" over.  All the kids except Emma thought it was so cool.  She just cried every time I asked if she wanted to try it.  Still, it was a success all thanks to Amy whose generosity made my daughter's whole birthday.

And, here's the final shot of the day.  These two were wiped out by 6pm.

So, that's November and part of December in a tight little nutshell.